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Welcome to Ralf Hildebrandt's Homepage

I am a PhD in Electrical Engineering (M.Sc.E.E.) (german: “Doktoringenier“) and work as a scientific employee at Fraunhofer IPMS in Dresden Klotzsche. My area of work is design of digital circuits (VHDL and Verilog) and programming of software (assembler, ANSI C) for microcontrollers (PIC, MSP430) and DSP (TMS320). My scientific interests are in the area of research of power dissipation of digital circuits, impact of software to power dissipation and estimation of power dissipation.

My publications can be found here.

Privately I am a swimmer in a swimming club (Dresdner Sportclub (DSC)), go skiing (downhill and nordic) go hiking and do biking. A big hobby is the computer. I am a co-author of a german CPU+Mainboard FAQ (discontinued).

Sometimes I take some photos.